Davinci Consultancy Group!

Junior consultant (business information management)

My job for Davinci Consultancy Group was devided into two funtions: junior consultant (20%) and software-desk (80%). At Davinci I’ve learned a lot about communication and information management between different projectgroups and organisations within the same project.


The softwaredesk was a filter between the projectmanagers in Amsterdam and the developers in Bratislava. For the softwaredesk I was responsible for the management of documentation and communication processes for the projects initialized in Amsterdam and developed in Bratislava and the (online international) daily scrum sessions.

Junior Consultant

The other 20% of my time I spend as Documentation manager, Functional Designer and Tester for the following projects:

  • Captive Finance Development training registration module – Responsible for the documentation and communication process. Functional design and testing.
  • Consumer Credit Portal for eastern EU – Tasks: market research, management of graphical and functional design, mathematical model.
  • FPS 2.0 – Responsible for the documentation, communication process and functional testing of the fraud prevention system.
  • NBWO – Documentation manager during the transfer of NBWO 2.0 to 2.5. and from ‘De Voorkant’ to DVSK.
  • Stichting JES Rijnland – Functional and screen design for a student and/or client registration application to be used by numeral employees and tailored to the needs of the municipal administration.