Studio Hoogeveen & Van Tilburg!

Eventmanager + Management assistant

As project manager I work on (business) events and information management. Think together in communication and realization, decide form and method which best conveys the message of the customer. Make identity visible and tangible with powerful and creative concepts. Realization of events consists of organizing: content, facilities, program, location, presenter, speakers, entertainment, catering, technique, communications, press, PR and finances. Also I focus on the information management within the office and the use of new and online media for the studio itself, her clients, within projects and events.

Studio Hoogeveen & van Tilburg (SHvT)

SHvT stands for effective communication. Organizes and produces events aimed at making a strong impact on your target group. And know what type of communication works best for every situation. Provide the relevant media with information and are experienced in the efficient use of audiovisual aids. The focus is always on the client’s identity. The job is to come up with powerful creative concepts that transform the clients’ corporate image into something that people can see and feel. SHvT believes in dynamic interaction among creative disciplines. And draw inspiration from combining our talents in different fields to realize a spirited, cutting-edge solution for every project we undertake.
Websites: Studio Hoogeveen & van Tilburg & Het Koelhuis

Projects I’ve worked on

  • ADT Twente
  • BEL Combinatie
  • Creativity Now – Connect & Collaborate
  • Floating Life
  • Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorder Kwartier
  • IDON
  • Kunst & Cultuur Overijssel
  • Kracht door verbinding
  • Nieuw Hembrug
  • Gelderse Prijs voor Ruimtelijke Kwaliteit
  • Provincie Overijssel Industrieel & Agrarisch erfgoed
  • Waterschap Rivierenland kickoff versterking Diefdijk

More projects I’ve worked on:

  • 28.01.10                          AtelierOverijssel: Field day ‘Shrinkage, crisis and quality’ in the northeast of Overijssel
  • 28.02.10                          AtelierOverijssel: Election debate ‘Scoring with spatial quality’ in ‘Hoftheater’ Raalte
  • 10.06.10                          Tour AtelierOverijssel: Excursion through the province Overijssel
  • 10.06.10                          Tour AtelierOverijssel: Administrative network meeting in ‘MooiRivier’ Dalfsen
  • 16.06.10                          Tour AtelierOverijssel: Symp Client vs. Contractor, ‘Creatieve Fabriek’ Hëngelo
  • 22.02.10 | 24.02.10      FIMPAS Workshop 1, Scheveningen
  • 30.06.10 | 02.07.10      FIMPAS Workshop 2, Hardelot Plage, France
  • 24.01.11 | 26.01.11      FIMPAS Workshop 3, Huisduinen
  • 18.11.10                           FIMPAS Midterm Event, Noordwijk
  • 21.09.10                           RVOB Cafe: Ruimtelijke ontwikkeling en Natura 2000
  • 07.12.10                           RVOB Café: Ruimtelijke ontwikkeling in 2020 in the ‘Glazen Zaal’ in Den Haag
  • 10.03.11                           RVOB Café: Gebiedsontwikkeling ‘The next generation’