Experience Design: Kaospilot Aarhus Denmark!

3 intensive training days at Kaospilot in Aarhus, Denmark. A very fulfilling, mind teasing and a really changing experience! With an inspiring global team from: Denmark, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Norway, Brazil, US and Japan. Experience design is the practice of designing products, processes, services, events, and environments with a focus placed on the…

Austria 5 days!

After a long summer, me and my friend wanted to get a break from work. A few day walking in the Austrian mountains. We rented a small appartment on a farm in Mariapfarr. We had a great time, the 3 off us in a little car crossing Europe!              …

Barcelona citytrip!

Some friends you don’t choose, you grow up with them because your parents know eachother. Which means you spend every summer holiday together. Enjoying the sun, beach, food, quality time. One off these friends lives in Barcelona! A great place for some new quality time.                    

Paris citytrip!

With a few collegues (from the university) we escaped work and headed to Paris. A great opportunity to visit a friend (and former collegue with SHvT) who just moved to Paris. And to see the city, I’ve visited a lot as child, with adult eyes.                    …

Berlin citytrip!

For our mothers birthday we wanted to get her something special. We came up with a long weekend Berlin. We went before Christmas, so Berlin was in Christmas decor. We had good food, cold beers, long talks and walks, a great time!