Morocco: A wonderful week in Tanger!

I visit Tanger at least once a year. This time the wedding of my cousin was the occasion to visit Tanger again. Unfortunately the first few days were a bit cloudy, but Tanger is also entertaining when the weather isn’t playing the part.

Day 1: my friend picked me up from the airport and we took the scenic route via Cap Spartel to Town. Enjoyed some breakfast and continued our tour to Cap Malabata. A quick tour to soak up the city. We finished our tour at restaurant La Cantina for a great sea food lunch. In the evening I headed to the train station to pick up my friends from Merzouga. We enjoyed diner and I dropped them off at their hotel. A great first day.

Day 2: today I’m playing guide to my friends and show them my city: Tanger. We started with breakfast at café Paris. Then we took a cab to café Hafa. After a nice tea we started our tour at the Phoenicians grave site overlooking the new port of Tanger. Following the outer wall of the Kasbah, we headed into the medina. We stopped at little shops, panoramic points, the shop of my uncle, the (fish) markets. We ended out tour relaxing at Tanja plage. We headed back to the apartment and hotel to freshen up and left again for diner. A great day with new good friends.

Day 3: My father also arrived and my friends left again. With my father I planned some practical stops for the apartment. After we went to visit my family. Great to see them all again. It has been 18 months this time. Normally I go every year, this time it has been 18 months. With my cousins we sat together and prepared gifts for the wedding and caught up on the latest stories and gossip.

Day 4: Also a great day driving around town with my father: breakfast at the beach, visit the grave of his grandfather, my great-grandfather, visiting more family, enjoying delicious dinners. It’s Friday, couscous day. At night we went to Chellah Beach club. Temporarily based in the hotel instead of at the beachfront. Once the new port is finished they move back. Great food, music, ambiance and service. Nice father and daughter evening.

Day 5: Saturday, day 1 of the wedding, the wedding dinner. Today my aunts and cousins are preparing a wedding dinner for the family. They made a temporary kitchen on the roof. They cooked a 3 course dinner for 50 people. Amazing to watch. After the dinner my father, my uncle and me went to Chellah again. Yesterday evening asked for a sequel.

Day 6: Sunday, day 2 of the wedding, the Henna party. We had a wonderful day with all the girls. Enjoying tea, cool drinks, cookies, sweets, dinner. We danced, talked, laugh. And we all got beautiful henna tattoos.

Day 7: Monday, day 3 of the wedding, the wedding party. We all headed to a very nice party location and got dresses for a lovely, beautiful wedding. I wish the couple all the luck in the world!!!

Day 8: Back in the apartment after the wedding at 04:45 in the morning. I had to be at the airport at 07:00 in the morning. Oeps!! Content and pleased I fly back home after an amazing week in my lovely Tanger.

Tanger, until very soon!

x N.