University of Twente!

Business Information Manager

According to the BiSL framework I manage Student Information System ‘OSIRIS’ which supports the primary process of the university, education. I also work on projects for expansion off the system, and bigger implementation processes. Within the BiSL playing field my focus is on:

  • Operational supplier management
  • Change management
  • Transition management
  • Specify information requirements
  • Planning and resource management
  • Demand management

Team coordinator: BiSL processes

BiSL is a best practice, but what is the best practice for our team? Out team manages 17 systems, supports the entire organization, is actively involved in IT projects and is growing. I take the challenge upon me to constantly improve the BiSL processes of our team with our team.

Team coordinator: Information security

Information security is an increasingly important part of IT. To contribute to the information security of the systems our team manages I focus on:

  • Classification for all our systems
  • Contracts, operation agreements and descriptions of linked systems
  • Privacy Information Assessments
  • Improvements suggested after security audits
  • Calamity and continuity plans
  • Authorization policy

Team coordinator: Project management

I collect the proposed IT projects and tasks, including necessary project initiation forms and business cases. I do this for our team, our department and for the needs within the primary process on educational support. Once a year all the departments present their preferred IT projects fort he bennefit of the IT portfolio for the upcoming year. I’m the contact for our IT department for operational coordination.

Team coordinator: Support team leader

  • Co-create team plans
  • Brainstorm on team development
  • When team leader is absent: team leadership (work related) and participation consultation on strategic and tactical levels within and outside the university.

UT: LEAN team

Since 2015 University of Twente strives to be an “lean doing” university, start with continuous improving, to become an organization of serious improvers. Create value-creating processing with each step adding to customer value, and get rid of all the waste in the organization processes. I’m part of the first group of LEAN green belts for the university.

UT: Program committee Business Information Management

The purpose of the committee is professionalizing the Business Information Managers of the University of Twente. Two times a year we check our needs for knowledge and experiences and come up with a program which meets these needs. For example masterclasses and interactive BIM meetings.

UT: ‘think tank’ for the department Center for Educational Support (CES)

Within our department there are numeral sub-departments and teams. How do we stay connected, keep in touch with each other, get to know each other, find each other? To help improve our organisation, the CES think tank organizes one event a year to get to know each other better. From the employees, for the employees.