Live communication (online & offline)!

Today there are numeral different types of online, offline and social media which can add value to your organisation, support work processes or be a means to marketing and communication goals.

Good communication is the key for good collaboration. Collaboration between client and contractor, guest and host, family members, associative life, employees among each other and with the organisation, the organisation with the market and even more important: their customers.

I use my knowledge and experience of information, communication and marketing management to implement those media to support your business goals and identity. In this process I strive for solutions which fit the culture and processes of your organisation.

To help your communication management I can provide the following services. Let me know what I can do for your processes and projects.

Conversate! Engage!

My offer

  • Brand activation: find playful, catchy and memorable possibilities to make your brand or product known within the target groups.
  • Communication strategy: create a communication strategy in line with the mission, goals and identity of the organisation.
  • Content management: create, shoot, arrange, ¬†write and edit content for your online media.
  • Corporate design management: implement your corporate design in all internal and external means of communication (online and offline). Such as outgoing e-mails, office documents, social media, printed products, publications, etc.
  • Dialog or Direct marketing: use online and social media to interact directly with your required target groups and people. Arrange online and offline opportunities to come in direct contact with required groups and people. Engage!
  • Functional design and management: functional user design and management of website, intranet, documentation and information systems.
  • Implementation online media manual/code: realisation and implementation of a code or manual for online and social media use. Within and for your organization.
  • Online media scan and plan: scan the (internal + external) organisation to create a concrete plan for the deployment of online and social media to support business processes, objectives and identity. Compatible to corporate communication strategy.
  • Project communication: complement project organisations by managing the communicative objectives.
  • Relational management: organise means and possibilities to manage and maintain your relationships effectively and efficiently.
  • Website development: I can support and manage the realization process.