Business Information Management!


I’m an experienced BiSL manager. BiSL is an abbreviation of Business Information Services Library. BiSL aims to professionalize the demand function. Not only within an organization, but also as a unifying factor between different organizations. The standardized approach of BiSL contributes to the professionalization of the demand organization and facilitates a more efficient and cost effective way of working. One of the most important benefits of the framework and certainly always my motive, goal and aim, is that via a common language and reference, facilitating a better understanding and communication between the involved parties and thereby improving the user experience.

Business sponsor

  • know and formulate needs now and tomorrow
  • connect operational and strategic levels
  • coördinate assembly IT portfolio
  • information security
  • manage IT budget
  • formulate assignments
  • accept delivery

The conditions

  • knowing the business and the users
  • knowing the working methods of the users
  • communicating (in thinking and speaking) in business terms
  • knowing the IT world sufficiently (possibilities and quality of the solutions)
  • bridging the gap between business and IT