Information Services & Management!

Saxion University, Bachelor of ICT, Sept. 2003 – Febr. 2007

Information Services and Management (ISM) focuses on the organization, management and use of information and information technology, and on the impact of information on individuals, institutions, and society. The main concern of ISM is the information content of systems – predominantly with textual and multimedia information – and the development of more effective information services.

The ISM course is known for its business approach, concentrating on information management in private business. Topics include user information needs, information storage and retrieval, design and management of information systems and services, and institutional information management. The emphasis of the courses is placed on the practical-orientated integration of the subjects.

Throughout 3.5 years I’ve worked on six practical assignments, each during one semester. In which I applied knowledge and skills gained from theory combined with practical experience and situated learning.

Extra activities

Besides enjoying my education I participated in a few departments and project groups of the Academy Communication, Information technology and Information management:

  • Academic council – For 3 years I was one of the student representatives.
  • Communication & PR – I participated in the process of creating a new communication strategy for the Academy and the individual educations. Also I represented my education at different conferences and in interviews.
  • International Student Summer School in Bulgaria
  • Program Committee – For 3 years I was one of the student representatives.
  • Redesign comity – In the last year of my education there was the plan to reorganize the interior design and structure of the Deventer department of the Academy. I represented the students wishes for (group) workplaces and ideal study and multi media environments.

Projects I worked on in 6 semesters

  1. For the Latin and Greek faculty of a high school, student and teachers, I developed a portal with functionalities designed to the requirements of students and teachers.
  2. For students of a primary school I developed a CD-Rom and website on natural phenomena.
  3. For ‘Van Dam Publishers’ I disclosed a book for digital sale online.
  4. Out of the innovation centre of Saxion and ‘Stipp publishing’ I worked for the ‘Association of public libraries’, on the development of the Health Information Platform for children. Consisting of a physical concept in public libraries and an online platform for the children in groups 3 through 6, 7 to 11 and 12 to 16.
  5. Research at University of Twente and the Saxion University on the use and implementation of knowledge management and the possibilities of knowledge management of an academy within a university.
  6. Graduation: for three academies within an educational institution, which just merged into one academy, I investigated the possibilities for a centralised information system. Research into the systems currently used by the individual academies, the institution and externally used, information flows within the new organization, needs and requirements of all end users, organizational impact of change in information systems, research into possible systems, comparing systems to the requirements of the organization. Resulting in a recommendation for one central information system.